Thursday, June 2, 2011

Understanding PTC (pay to click) and works the way

PTC (Paid To Click) is an acronym for Paid To Click, which simply means we get paid every time you click on an advertisement for a certain period (15, 20, 30 seconds depending on the party who provides advertising). This program is probably similar to how the PTR (Pay To Read). we get paid dollars or dollars with the click ads provided the same specific PTC site, With the ad we could get good money in Rupiah or dollars. If you have a real attempt tp wanted to stop and jump 100% to the PTC / PPL. You are one step! Tp if your life wallowing in the internet and online every day, you are stupid enough to not follow the "Program PTC / PPL is not a get rich quick scheme, nor something that is" easily "done. Many determinants, tricks and it took a good analysis to be successful.the workings of PTC; click ptc (pay to click) its easy! You only need to click a link and view a website a few seconds to earn money. so surely you must sign up to be members, almost all PTC list free, list your next aja not require special skills, because you only need to visit the sites provided. You can make more money by way me-refer/mgajak your friends with your referral link.To obtain payment of $ we must have a paypal account, alertpay and liberty reserve. For the local TCM, you can withdraw directly to the account agan, (BCA, BNI, Mandiri)A local PTC website that is growing rapidly and providing adequate pay higher than the other PTC. Managed by Admin trusted and highly responsive, payment (payout) is always on time. for example some PTC. IdrClikit, Sentraclix, Dbclix, Neobux

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